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Encourage Customers/Clients to Write Reviews About You and/or Your Agency

Let’s face it, asking for a review is one of those things that make you think twice about the quality and level of service you provided to a client. If it “does” make you think, then you are doing something wrong. Figure out what it is and go for a re-do or at least find out what went wrong and avoid a repeat of whatever it is/was that got a client angry.

When it comes to insurance claims, there are often pitfalls to be navigated when someone has a claim diminished or denied. Often it is difficult to explain either one of those situations in a calm and collected manner when the client is upset. However, this is where you can shine by remaining calm and professional and explain the reason(s) for a claim denial or a claim that does not pay out what the customer expected – and explain it however many times it takes to help the client understand the situation. How you handle this type of a dilemma can certainly add some really great reviews to your website.

Why are customer reviews a good idea? They are a good idea because others reading them are learning about the agent and agency from another consumers point-of-view and that is valuable information for them and helps them decide to deal with that company/agent or not.

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