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The success of your insurance agency is 100 percent reliant on you

Even though you may be buying quality leads from a lead generation company, leads alone do not sell the product. The agent buying the leads is responsible for working those leads promptly, enthusiastically, and confidently.

Quality leads only open the door to a world of potential customers for the agent seeking to grow an agency or boost their sales record. Insurance leads are worth their weight in gold, provided they are exclusive to you only. While other leads may be less expensive, they may also be leads that have been shared with other agents. Even if you work those promptly, you usually play runner up to other agents who have already called those leads.

Why waste time, which is money, and marketing dollars out of your pocket to chase leads that are not exclusive? The extra money you pay for quality, tailored leads is worth it. The leads are pre-qualified, come in real-time, are pre-screened and want the product you offer. If you are the only agent getting those leads just imagine the number of sales you may have on a consistent basis.

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