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Are you the inspiration or the perspiration in your agency?

If you are an inspiration in your agency, staff look to you for guidance and emulate you. Your agency thrives, grows and offers customers a superlative experience in terms of service, dealing with claims, matching the right insurance policy to what the client needs and at the right price point. You inspire others to grow, learn, lead and be good agents. You give to your staff and agents what you want for your customers. That is inspiration and it leads to growth, recognition, appreciation and loyalty.

Perspiration is the result of a leader who is not effective, an agent or broker who offers weak support, pits workers against one another, undermines their efforts to perform their jobs and tells customers the staff are not so good, but they are all you can find. In other words, a leader who is not leading but rather focusing on his or her own wants, needs and success, not realizing that the support received is what makes everyone successful and ultimately happy with their jobs.

Simple. Inspiration leads and succeeds. Perspiration causes tension, creates hostile workplaces, promotes an atmosphere in which to make mistakes and results in slow or no growth. What kind of agency do you run?

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