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Only Sell to the Motivated Potential Insurance Clients

If people do not want to buy insurance, usually no amount of convincing reasons is going to sway them. Why waste time when you can market to a captive audience that does want insurance?

The general rule when selling insurance is to market to motivated potential clients. Now that may seem like a difficult task because there are a lot of people who shun insurance because they believe it is too expensive and not necessary. Chasing those individuals is a waste of time until they one day realize the benefits of having insurance.

Instead of chasing the impossible lead(s), work with pre-qualified and pre-screened, real time leads that have already indicated they are interested in buying insurance. Those kinds of leads have a significantly high conversion rate because if someone calls to find out insurance quotes and asks for further information, they obviously are interested in selecting a policy that is right for them. That is where you, the insurance expert, come in.

You know your product. You have good leads thanks to purchasing the exclusive leads from benepath.net. You have a list of names of people who want insurance information. You make your calls and find out your conversion rate is really great. What could be better than that?

Put another way, you are marketing and selling to a motivated client base — leads that have indicated they want more information about insurance or have stated they want to buy insurance. This beats cold calling and even working with warm leads because your purchased leads want what you are selling and are motivated to find out what they need to know.

If you work the motivated leads properly, intelligently and diligently, your insurance business is going to grow. There is no question about it. Will there be a glitch when you first try exclusive leads? Perhaps, but if so, it will not be due to the leads. It might be due to you not knowing how to work with leads like that, in which case, you just need to find out what way works for you to make those conversions.

Sure, marketing is about casting a wide net to capture as many customers as possible. However, casting that net in a sea of uncommitted potential clients wastes your time, money and expertise. Cast the marketing net in a sea of pre-screened and pre-qualified exclusive-to-you-only leads. That is a successful method that helps you reap great rewards — more conversions, more clients, more business growth and more income.

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