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Timely Tips for Calling Leads

There is no one set in stone method for calling leads. Every agent does things differently. But there are good ideas to follow when calling.

Depending on what geographic area you asked for when you purchased your insurance leads from an online lead generation company, you may face the prospect of leads being in different times zones. Make sure you sort your leads into various time zones and pay attention to time differences. The last thing you want to do is call a Florida lead from California at what may be 9p.m. your time, but midnight in Florida.

Sort first, call later and later

All leads should be sorted before working on them and what criteria you use is up to, as you are the one working them. In general though, begin with dividing the names into time zones. Choose your calling hours for the respective time zones: PST, MST, CST and EST. Also pay attention to whether or not a particular time zone follows Daylight Savings.

Let’s say you want to call between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. in the lead’s time zone. You can find out time zone differences by checking them online. It would be helpful to keep this process as organized as possible and have a tabbed divider for each zone. It’s far easier to keep track of the leads you have called, where they are and what they said in one place than to toss them all into one working pile and try to guess who said what later. In keeping with being organized, start with the time zone you live in. Once you get closer to your designated shut down time in your time zone, you can begin calling in others. It’s simply a matter of determining who to call next based on your organized tabs. Using this method to extend your calling day and the number of leads you are able to reach has the potential to be very profitable in terms of conversions.

Remember, calling leads is a relationship marketing process

You’re selling insurance. You’re calling leads. You’re wanting to make as many sales as you can to grow your business. You trash leads that do not cooperate and move on, right? Wrong. No matter what kind of sales you are in, whether you are selling insurance or cars, website design or widgets, all marketing is relationship based. You are not just selling a product. You are selling yourself. That is why it’s called relationship marketing. Building an insurance business can only be done by cultivating relationships that are mutually beneficial. Every agent, even those working with pre-screened, pre-qualified leads is going to run into someone who does not want insurance, even if they wanted information. That’s life. And, when they say no, they may mean No, not right now. Do not trash them. Keep the information and check back later. Things change day-to-day for all of us. The same observation is applicable for a lead that wants insurance quotes one day, but not two days later. Respect that decision and the process. Maintain a good relationship with those who decline insurance. It may pay off later.

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