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Sell insurance to businesses? Then use LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy

The biggest part of marketing successfully is being able to connect to your precise target market and figure out who makes the decisions at the top. Your insurance marketing strategy needs to include LinkedIn because it is different from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in that it is business centric and needs a different approach to make it work to your advantage.

First and foremost you need a professional picture for your profile. Do not use a selfie. Do not post a photo of you in a bikini. Do not post a picture of you and your pals drinking. Look professional. This milieu is different and you need to use a very professional approach not a casual one.

Take advantage of the Summary and Experience sections to write a new explanation of how you can help customers. Do not cut and paste material from your resume. Write from the heart with passion and spell out how you and your services are able to help clients and prospective customers.

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