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When It Comes to Insurance Leads, Be a Thought Leader

Sourcing insurance leads can be difficult. By being a thought leader and investigating reliable online lead generation companies is the smart way to market.

Sourcing reliable, convertible insurance leads is the bane of many insurance agents’ existence. Little time, low budgets, poor lead generation experiences, non-vetted leads and not working them promptly all have the potential to add up to failure, despite the best of intentions.

If you run your own insurance agency, you realize you cannot do everything for everyone and teach them how to make a mile in sales if you have other obligations you need to tend to on a daily basis. Retaining customers is just as important as finding new ones. How to handle all the tasks you need to accomplish?
Thought leaders know the intrinsic value of webinars for staff and have seen policy sales hike up exponentially.

A good webinar can showcase your expertise and that of others, demonstrating the ways of sourcing and working insurance leads. You don’t have to keep it totally in-house and only feature staff. Expand your knowledge base and partner with other agents with a unique specialty. Call the lead generation company to provide a speaker to explain what they do. Have speakers from carrier partners. Find other insurance companies with killer internal marketing teams to share their expertise.

The marketing possibilities are endless. It just takes some creativity to think about how to approach the problem of marketing from outside the usual sandbox. If the foundation of your marketing strategy is to only buy exclusive insurance leads, this needs to be conveyed clearly to other staff that are also in a position to market directly to potential customers.

If you do not have a comprehensive list of prospects, now is the time to build one. Ensure the list is high quality and has the potential for a high conversion rate. Combine educational and useful webinars with professional social media and email marketing campaigns to round out your agency’s successful marketing strategy. Work diligently with all leads garnered and strive to better the lives of every lead contacted, leading to conversion.

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