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Insurance Leads Are Driven by Today’s Market Eccentricities

Running an insurance agency is often frustrating, exhilarating, confusing and stressful by turns. The best way to build a foundation for your business and grow it is to buy quality, exclusive leads from a reputable online lead generation company.

Gone are the days of cold calling, constant networking, selling to the warm market (relatives and friends) and frantic email marketing campaigns. Email-marketing campaigns do work, but they work best when you have already converted a lead.

Running an insurance agency means not always having the time to chase down leads or be on the phone all day trying to set up appointments. This is where buying pre-qualified and pre-screened insurance leads comes into play. If you order exclusive leads, they are precisely that, exclusive to you only. Beware of lead generation companies that say they sell exclusive leads but really mean elusive leads, as they have also sold them to at least seven other agents. Those leads are a monumental waste of time and marketing dollars.

A relatively short time ago, insurance marketing was done almost exclusively via direct mail, cold calling, flyers, networking, advertisements in local publications and various online marketing efforts, such as pay per click or Google AdWords. Some worked. Some did not.

These days lead generation companies have opened the door to an exciting world of almost instant sales partnered with social media marketing, webinar marketing, website promotion, and direct email campaigns. How do insurance agents and brokers get the right kinds of leads to grow their business?

Insurance leads are driven by marketplace eccentricities, trending demands and captive niche market demands.

Sell Medicare supplements? Your online lead generation company can provide you with exclusive Medicare supplement leads on a daily basis if you wish. The Medicare supplement market is captive, as those in the qualifying age bracket need what you are selling.

Want to sell final expense insurance? An online lead generation company can provide real time final expense leads that have the potential to convert instantly or within a few weeks.

Specialize in selling health insurance? This trending demand means a steady stream of leads once ordered from a reliable lead generation company. Make those leads exclusive and the potential for conversion is much higher.

Monitor your market and competition. This gives you the right market signals to focus your marketing dollars where they are needed at any given moment. Stay ahead of the trends and your business will grow by leaps and bounds.

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