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Growing an insurance agency can be an adventure

Growing an insurance agency can definitely be an adventure, and no doubt you’re going to make mistakes along the way. That’s good. Making mistakes is a way to grow and learn what not to do. One thing to remember is that marketing, no matter what you are marketing, including an insurance agency, is similar to working in the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) profession.

How so you ask? Your leads in the MLM industry are an investment to work, to ensure you receive an income, much like insurance leads are an investment to work when you want to sell insurance. In short, without leads, you cannot grow. So, you need to work insurance leads from a lead generation company just like you would work MLM leads. Know you products. Strive to educate your potential customer. Provide good service. Follow up and promptly answer any questions. Be personable. Stay on top of your training.

The most important thing for you to understand when you buy leads is that you can’t just read them and file them. They come to you in real time, and if you work them right away, your chances of converting a potential customer is high. While they may take a few weeks to eventually decide what they want, they have already indicated they are interested in insurance and need information. This is the time to take action and do due diligence.

If you wait on your leads and let them age, you stand the chance of losing them. When people go to the trouble to fill out a contact form requesting an agent, they generally expect to hear from someone within at least 24 hours. Wait any longer and the lead may lose their enthusiasm for buying a policy. You know what to do. Do it with enthusiasm and do it quickly and watch your agency grow.

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