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Group Health Insurance Leads – DIY or Do It With Leads From a Lead Generation Company?

There are many ways to track down group health insurance leads, but it saves time and money to do it the easy way.

Group health insurance policies are the gold standard for an agency that wants to ensure a steady source of income. These policies are very lucrative for agents, and if they take the time to ensure they have qualified leads before starting to work them, future trips to the bank will be satisfying.

But where does an agent start? Quality leads are extremely difficult to source through cold calling, networking and social media alone. Frankly, the quickest route to profitability is to buy group health insurance leads from a solid lead generation company.

Successful agents choose a marketing niche, line up a marketing budget and focus on sourcing leads that are ready for their call. The group health insurance niche can provide an agent with both small and large company clients. 

Exclusive group health insurance leads are only sold to one agent, increasing their potential and value. Agents can purchase leads that suit a particular timetable and geographic area. Even further specificity is possible: a particular age range, kinds of companies, small businesses and so forth. A quality lead generation company allows agents to space orders, receiving leads every day or once or twice a week as they prefer.

Agents should pursue even exclusive leads within one business day. Leads are sent in real time, and the people named in them are actively reaching out to track down information on group health insurance.

Follow-up is just as important as timeliness. High-caliber agents pursue each lead until they get a definitive “no” over the phone. However, when marketing online, “no” can simply mean that a potential client is not interested at that time. Continued follow-up places an agent at the front of a person’s mind when he or she is ready to buy. 

Think smart when buying leads. Exclusive purchases are one of the best ways to save time and make money to build a business.

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