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Health Insurance Leads – Are They Properly Qualified?

You know that if you are in the business of selling insurance, you need leads. Not just any leads, but pre-qualified leads. Daunting thought, right? Where do you get them? There are any number of ways to find health insurance leads, but if you don’t care much for cold-calling, mass mail-outs or sharing leads, then you might want to consider sourcing your health insurance leads through a lead generation company with a solid reputation for leads that convert.

When buying your health insurance leads from a lead generation company, you only get pre-qualified prospects, that is people or businesses who need or want health insurance because it resolves a problem they have. Now, you might be wondering how what you sell is going to help anyone if they’ve never heard of you or your product before you contact them. That’s the whole point. By the time you do contact them, they will know more about what you offer, because they were pre-screened when they made that first call to ask for information. So now is the time to start relationship marketing and see how fast your leads convert. It’s exciting.

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