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Opt In for Fresh and Viable Exclusive Final Expense Leads

Chasing down leads is an insurance agent’s worst nightmare. Exclusive final expense leads bring in steady business.
One of the first things agents need to take care of, almost before they open their doors for business, is what to do about sourcing leads. There are a variety of ways to do it —- some are easy, some are not-so-easy and some agents love to hate, like cold calling.

There is no need to cold-call prospects any longer, unless you like doing it and it pays off. Frankly, most cold-calls are a bit like playing Russian roulette. A better investment of your time and marketing dollars is to opt in and buy fresh final expense leads.

You want fresh leads for obvious reasons — they are virtually immediate, pre-screened, pre-qualified, are ready to buy and want to hear from an insurance agent. If you choose to buy shared leads, as opposed to exclusive ones, you need to be really quick off the draw to land a sale. Shared leads are just that — shared with up to seven other agents.

Be aware that some lead generation companies call their shared leads exclusive leads. They are not and since you are forking out money to generate business, you want only exclusive final expense leads. Those are the ones that pay off for you, provided you work them diligently.

With exclusivity you do not get overused and over-worked sales leads, and you get a chance to talk to someone who wants to ask questions and has not already called by every agent under the sun.

Opting for exclusive final expense leads means you also incrementally increase the odds of closing a sale. You do not have competition and the prospective client is only talking to you, which means you have a golden opportunity to present your products, skills and abilities without worrying that someone else beat you to the finish line.

Since you are the first agent to contact them, the potential new customer is far more open and receptive to what you are offering. Remember, they opted in to have an agent call them and that means they are serious about buying insurance, or they would not have asked for information. This gives you the opportunity to deeply question the prospect about their needs and then tailoring a policy to suit those needs. With a virtually captive audience, you get to outline all the advantages of your product and services.

The bottom line is if you want a steady stream of guaranteed customers, choose to invest wisely in buying exclusive final expense leads.

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