How Many Times Do You Thank Your Clients?

Gratitude is an important factor of customer service. Generally, there is a formula for expressing gratitude. According to the formula, agents need to offer gratitude at least three times – once in writing, once in person and once over the phone. It is pretty easy to do and demonstrates you appreciate your clients’ business.

Offering gratitude can be more than a simple thank you. When dealing with clients gratitude can be expressed though thoughtful feed back and problem resolution. For example, if a client has raised an issue relating to your agency, then how you inquire and respond to the problem is key. Doing so will demonstrate that you have your client’s well-being in mind and that they are not just another file number. This is another example of great service.

In the insurance business, the more your excellent service and knowledge stands out, the more sales you make. Your reputation is your best asset.

Insurance Marketing Made Simple With Planning

A well thought out marketing plan can make or break an insurance business.

We all know that if we want to grow a successful insurance agency, we need to have a steady stream of leads to work and follow up. To do that, you need to always have a marketing plan. Yes, you need to plan to be successful, but surprisingly, not too many people do that. Planning is strongly advised in your business and personal life, but for this article we are covering the value of having a marketing plan for your insurance agency.

One of the most important things to constantly do is test, test, test and then test again. We mean test all of your marketing methods. Your idea might be terrific but if you do not measure/test it small, you will never truly know if it would work large. Start with a small test and gauge the responses to see if it has the potential to work or not. So, that means test your ad copy, incentives to buy, headlines and other content.

No, you do not test it all at once. You test it one idea at a time. If the first item being tested needs a change, then only make one change. If you do not do it that way, you will not know what is working and what is not. Here is a quick list of what to be testing, constantly: different response forms, various headlines, different guarantees, various newspaper/billboard ads and test different offers. The list is endless, so make sure you have your list ready to go and stick to it.

What niche are you intending to market in? If you do not know, it is time to get smart and use target marketing. First figure out your niche – say Medicare/Medigap or final expense insurance, then target that market into segments. Segments can include: spending habits, demographics, shopping patterns, goals, etc. You can segment your order for leads to cover the various areas you want to target.

Once you are set up with your marketing plan for success, you will need to monitor the progress of your strategy. When needed, you might have to adjust and alter your strategy in order to obtain the results you are seeking. From there things are going to go smoothly on the road to growing a thriving insurance agency.

Opening an Insurance Agency, the First Year

Launching your own insurance agency can be a daunting task. Where do you start? What marketing strategies do you use? How do you choose them? Opening your own business can be overwhelming, but it does not need to be.

When you first open your insurance agency it is helpful to stick to one marketing strategy. However, knowing which strategy will suit you and your business plan can be problematic. Often to determine which marketing strategy works best for you, you have to try a variety of them. Explore various avenues of marketing to figure out which one resonates with you in both online and offline marketing niches.

If, for example, you went into your insurance business with a partner and have other agents as staff, and you want to market your agency successfully, then you need to be a leader. Be a leader in calling pre-qualified insurance leads, working with them, following up and converting them to become loyal customers. Set the office tone by the style of your leadership and lead by example. If you consistently do due diligence, others will follow your lead.

If it is your first year in business, remember it is a learning experience for everyone. Things may go wrong and earnings for the first year might not meet your expectations. But what you will learn and how you recover from misfortune will be the factor in success. If each year, you and your agents work on core skills like prospecting, communication and customer service, you will see growing number of customers.

Once you find the marketing technique that best fits your growing business, once you focus on your vision of success and consistently work on your leadership and customer service skills, the results will be fruitful.

Grow your insurance business through social media marketing

Insurance agents can also utilize social media to further their business growth. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ are key elements in marketing of your insurance business. Social media allows for instant communication about your business and services thus attracting potential leads.

To have successful social media marketing platform here are some of the best practices to adopt:

1. Who is your target market?

The main question to answer is where your current and future clients are in the social media universe. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are very useful platforms for insurance agents. However, other outlets like YouTube and Instagram may also prove to successful in attracting leads.

2. Stay social

The main point of social media is to be social on the internet. Therefore avoid sounding like you are selling your product. Instead focus on interacting with a current and potential customer base. Demonstrate that you are a knowable and experienced agent.

3. Use industry related topics to your advantage

Do not post just to post. Instead be thoughtful and focus on sharing and/or writing about things that can be related to insurance. For example, if you are selling car insurance feel free to post and share topics relating to the latest car maintenance tips or latest car safety advice.

4. Stay consistent

Using social media consistently is key. In fact, according to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, agents who use social media consistently saw an increase in brand exposure.

5. Promote your content

Do not forget to promote your business. Make sure to include social media links, to the platforms you engage in the most, on your website.

If you routinely engage on social media you will build a solid foundation for your insurance agency. It only takes time and perseverance.

Do you know what the plan for your insurance business is in five to ten years’ time?

Some insurance agents do their jobs day-to-day and just put in time over the years, maybe. Or some even have a hobby that they might turn into a business — you never know. What’s wrong with those two scenarios? If you said lack of focus and commitment, you would be right.

If you don’t go into the insurance business with a serious mindset that you are going to succeed and do it well, then the business is mediocre. It may or may not succeed. It may or may not make you the kind of income you’d like. That is because you do not have a true plan and a fixed goal. What is the goal? The goal is to plan on being in the same business, successfully, in five to ten years.

Is that possible when you first go into business, opening your own agency? Yes, it is. It has never been easier building your own brand thanks to the Internet, social media and the hundreds of tools smart insurance agents can use to market themselves, their products and services. Seek and ye shall find the answers to your marketing questions online, and if you don’t, ask someone in your industry who knows.

It’s true — who you know and what they know can be a huge benefit to you.

The two main ingredients to success in the insurance business are relationships and exposure

While the formula for insurance business success is mostly a no-brainer — get lots of exposure and build lasting relationships — there are a significant number of agents who do not know how to go about making that combination work for them.

Once upon a time there was no social media to leverage and calling friends and family and those you already knew was the key to building a business. While that, in part, remains true today, selling insurance is less about chasing the warm market and more about paddling in the social media pool. Think about the significant number of people you can reach on social media with your message — millions versus one call, one visit, one relative and so forth a week doing it the old way.

With contacts numbering in the millions, you cannot beat that kind of exposure. The issue is you need to know how to leverage that kind of access. And if you do not know how to use social medial to your advantage when selling insurance, you need to learn or get left behind.

When it comes to exposure and relationships, the old ways worked. However, today’s technology never stops evolving and relationships and exposure can happen at a heady pace if correctly leveraged. Use those marketing dollars to invest in training. That’s smart marketing.


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