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How Many Times Do You Thank Your Clients?

Gratitude is an important factor of customer service. Generally, there is a formula for expressing gratitude. According to the formula, agents need to offer gratitude at least three times – once in writing, once in person and once over the phone. It is pretty easy to do and demonstrates you appreciate your clients’ business.

Offering gratitude can be more than a simple thank you. When dealing with clients gratitude can be expressed though thoughtful feed back and problem resolution. For example, if a client has raised an issue relating to your agency, then how you inquire and respond to the problem is key. Doing so will demonstrate that you have your client’s well-being in mind and that they are not just another file number. This is another example of great service.

In the insurance business, the more your excellent service and knowledge stands out, the more sales you make. Your reputation is your best asset.

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