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Opening an Insurance Agency, the First Year

Launching your own insurance agency can be a daunting task. Where do you start? What marketing strategies do you use? How do you choose them? Opening your own business can be overwhelming, but it does not need to be.

When you first open your insurance agency it is helpful to stick to one marketing strategy. However, knowing which strategy will suit you and your business plan can be problematic. Often to determine which marketing strategy works best for you, you have to try a variety of them. Explore various avenues of marketing to figure out which one resonates with you in both online and offline marketing niches.

If, for example, you went into your insurance business with a partner and have other agents as staff, and you want to market your agency successfully, then you need to be a leader. Be a leader in calling pre-qualified insurance leads, working with them, following up and converting them to become loyal customers. Set the office tone by the style of your leadership and lead by example. If you consistently do due diligence, others will follow your lead.

If it is your first year in business, remember it is a learning experience for everyone. Things may go wrong and earnings for the first year might not meet your expectations. But what you will learn and how you recover from misfortune will be the factor in success. If each year, you and your agents work on core skills like prospecting, communication and customer service, you will see growing number of customers.

Once you find the marketing technique that best fits your growing business, once you focus on your vision of success and consistently work on your leadership and customer service skills, the results will be fruitful.

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