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As an insurance agent, your success in the industry is determined by your ability to find interested consumers and convert them into clients. With that said, finding qualified life insurance leads can be costly and time-consuming. But Benepath is here to help! We specialize in providing exclusive real-time life insurance data leads to agents in need of a boost in sales. By connecting you with new clients, we help you grow your business and build your reputation. Whether you are new to the insurance game or a seasoned veteran, Benepath has the term life and final expense leads that can bring you to the next level!

If you’re not already selling life insurance, why is it a good idea to start? Well, every year more and more people decide to secure their loved one’s future by purchasing a life insurance policy. But still, it is estimated that 50% of Americans still do not have any life insurance. This means you have a massive opportunity to help these people obtain some type of coverage. 

Not only that but selling life insurance policies can pay dividends in the future. For example, if you sell term life policies, your clients will need to return to you to renew or repurchase. And, since there are so many types of life insurance policies, you will be able to help your clients customize their policies, giving you more opportunities to have conversations, satisfy customers, and close more sales.

All of this means that now is the time to start selling life insurance. And what better way is there to ease yourself into the space than with some of Benepath’s exclusive, high-quality life insurance leads? 


Life Insurance Products

When it comes to life insurance we have two main products: life insurance leads and final expense leads. Life insurance is a great product to sell, since it offers consumers and agents a lot of flexibility, especially since we include term, whole, and burial coverage under this umbrella. Additionally, it is an all-ages product, since anyone over the age of 18 is eligible for a policy. This means that every person entering adulthood is a potential customer. That’s a lot of opportunity! 

If you sell term life insurance, for example, policies can range in coverage from 1 all the way up to 30 years, so you’ll have multiple opportunities to sell to the same person. Additionally, because they are sold for varying terms, these policies can vary greatly in price, so there are options that will appeal to everyone. Since there are so many variables at play, most term life consumers are more likely to lean on you for guidance and suggestions. 


Final Expense

Our other life insurance product, final expense, is meant to serve adults ages 50 and up. Often referred to as burial or funeral insurance, final expense insurance covers all end-of-life expenses. Including funeral expenses, medical bills, debts, and estate settlement costs. This is a great product to add to your arsenal. With an increasing number of people realizing the benefits of final expense insurance, its popularity has been on the rise. In fact, in 2020, adults surveyed said that the top reason they bought a life insurance policy was to cover final expense costs. 


Why Use Our Leads? 

So if you’re interested in selling life insurance, or if you’re already selling this great product, you may be asking, why should I choose Benepath for my leads over other lead generation companies? What separates us from the “other guys” is our commitment to exclusivity. We want the agents we work with to be as successful as possible. And working with shared data leads isn’t the way to grow. So since you’ll always know that the leads you purchase from us are yours and yours alone, you’ll have less stress, less competition, and a higher success rate.

In addition to our commitment to the exclusivity of our leads, we also pride ourselves on offering stellar customer support and marketing tools. Every agent who purchases leads from us will have access to their own customer support specialist, and sales agent. Who are there to help you increase sales or solve any issues that come up. Our team can provide you with helpful information. Such as statistics on how often and how many times a consumer should be contacted, and other helpful tips. You’ll also have access to an agent portal where you can manage the leads that you buy!

We are able to guarantee exclusive and real-time data because of our multi-step generation process. Our advertising team uses the most effective marketing tactics to drive consumers to our website. We use SEO, email marketing, social media, display ads, and direct mail to find potential leads. But the majority of our leads are generated through in-house search engine marketing. 

After a potential customer reaches our website, they can either complete a short data form determining if they qualify. Or they can call our toll-free number directly. After this, since this new lead will be exclusive to only one of our agents, the lead will see a “Thank You” page. Which includes their agent’s name, company logo, and an “About Me” section if available. If the consumer decides to instead call our 800 number. We simply put them through a quick IVR to ensure that they are truly calling about a policy, before transferring them to an agent. 

But the fact that our leads are real-time and exclusive is not the only benefit you’ll get when working with Benepath. You will also get stellar customer support from our representatives. Not only will we work with you to put together a lead package to fit all your needs, but we’ll also provide you with marketing tips and best practices to convert those leads into sales. We want every agent to feel confident and stress-free knowing that they have all the tools they need to succeed!

Life Insurance Lead Pricing

We offer a competitive range of prices for our life insurance leads, depending on a variety of factors. Variables affecting price include filters such as product type (life or final expense), preferred geographical location (states, counties), and order size. Oftentimes we offer discounts for specific states and counties. So be sure to ask your Benepath representative what deals they are currently running. 

All of our high-intent, inbound life insurance phone calls vary in price. Like our leads, we can also offer filters for geographical location, type of life insurance call, and order size. Pricing for inbound life insurance phone calls also depends upon the duration (in seconds). For more information about filtering, duration options, or pricing for calls in general, please speak to one of our representatives. 



  • Do you offer discounts for high volume orders?

Yes, we can offer our “overflow” leads to agents and agencies with large geographical footprints, large volume orders, and extended day parting hours.

  • Can I return leads? 

In short, yes. When you start with us, you will get access to your own broker portal. Here, you will be able to return leads. As well as put a vacation pause on your account, view and download invoices, view leads, and update your “Thank You” page. 

  • Do you provide agents with “best practice” routines? 

Yes, we can send you documentation including all of our best practices and marketing tips. Over the years we’ve found that agents have a better return on their investment with proper customer follow-ups. In fact, we see some agents closing leads in weeks 3, 4, 5 and beyond. 

  • Do you offer shared leads? 

No, Benepath offers exclusive data leads and phone calls. We create a one-to-one link between the customer and the agent. Meaning each lead generated will only be assigned to a single buying agent, not multiple agents. 

  • Are your calls inbound or warm transfers? 

We currently offer inbound phone calls. When consumers reach our website, they will have the choice to fill out a data form or call our 800 number directly to receive a quote. Before reaching the agent, we will put them through a short IVR. This ensures they are truly looking for a quote. 

  • Do you post to CRM? 

Yes, if you send us your API post specs, we can deliver you leads through there. 

  • Do you use TrustedForm?

  • Yes, we have TCPA, Trusted Form, and Jornaya to be compliant. 


With 15 years of experience in the insurance lead generation industry, Benepath is committed to helping agents like you achieve your business goals. Our real-time exclusive lead generation process delivers highly interested data leads and calls from consumers who want to get life insurance policies. Whether you’re selling life or final expense insurance, we can help you save time, resources and reach more qualified candidates. We also offer customizable lead and call packages and top-of the line marketing tools. To help you be the best agent you can be. When purchasing life insurance leads from us, you’ll have all the support you need to grow your sales and increase your return on investment. So don’t miss out! For more information about our life insurance leads and calls, or any of our other lead generation services, give us a call at 888-684-3121 or fill out our form.