Life Insurance Leads

Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

What you will get is exactly what you would get if you manage your own website and campaigns. Nothing more, nothing less. We don’t offer any bells and whistles, but if you can work within these parameters, you will have success.
  •  Leads will come 24/7 – most will be between 7 am and 10 PM
  • No Health Filters – You will get healthy and unhealthy leads, so make sure you have a Guaranteed Issue product
  • Statewide Geography Only – If you sell over the phone, this could be a good option for you
  • All Ages 18 and over – Again, exactly what you would get from your own campaigns
  • Minimum Order – 10 leads per week, 4-week minimum $30 per lead

100% Exclusive Life Leads

$500K is the Most Popular Policy Amount

Average Age of Leads is 43

Good Contact Rate

We Warm Up Your Prospects Before You Call

Since we only do exclusive leads, we brand each of our clients to each of their prospects. Once a prospect submits their information, they will see your picture, your logo, your bio, and your quotes – followed by an automated thank you email! This service comes with an additional $5/lead charge.

Life Insurance Lead Preview

Life Insurance Lead Preview

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