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Taking On Overwhelmed Customers

Businesses have been through tough times lately. Many owners who have managed to stay afloat will be looking for new commercial and group insurance policies. This will bring new customers to your door, and many will be understandably overwhelmed by recent events. These customers will be upset and will be looking to you for help.

man in business attire with a contract in one hand and a pen in another pointing at signature part.
Customers will be dealing with a lot and will need help from someone who is understanding and not pushy.

Customers want to be taken care of and crave personal attention. They want fast, easy quotes that will save them the most money while providing them with the most coverage. This is especially true for business owners who will be opening their businesses back up, or new business owners making a start in uncertain times. Keep in mind that this situation is new to them, and that they may be dealing with a tremendous loss of money due to the pandemic. At times, these kinds of customers can be a lot to handle, but there are some strategies to keep in mind as you work with overwhelmed customers.

Don’t Be Pushy 

No one likes a pushy person, and that goes double for a pushy salesperson. If a customer is dealing with a lot of stress, the last thing they want is to have an agent that they feel is just trying to make a quick buck. Be open-minded and honest, and let them take the lead; this is the best way to approach overwhelmed customers. 

Stay Calm & Communicate

There is no such thing as over communicating after a major crisis like a pandemic. Customers are going to feel overwhelmed with rebuilding their businesses and will need immediate help. While these customers can be a little difficult to deal with, as an agent it is your job to stay calm and reassure them that you will take care of them. 

Tell your customer that they can sit back and relax while you do all the work to find them the best coverage. Allow customers the chance to express anger and frustration, then take control of the conversation. Let them know that you understand their concerns and show your dedication to finding a solution.

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It is important to stay in touch and keep checking on how they are doing.

Stay In Touch

When you are faced with an overwhelmed customer, you need to be ready to come up with a practical solution for them. Once you do, it is important to stay in touch and keep checking on how they are doing. Just because you have completed the sale, doesn’t not mean that you can forget about your customer. Follow ups are just as important as the initial sale. Make sure they are okay and that their insurance suits their needs. Return their calls, find answers to their questions, and care for your clients’ needs as if they were your own. Not only will you keep your client, but they will more than likely refer you to others.

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