Still Do Not Know What to Blog About?

For a company, such as an insurance agency the question is easy enough to answer. You need to understand: 1) what you are selling, 2) to whom you want to sell, and 3) what blog topics are relevant to both.

One way to do this with insurance statistics and information is to use a listicle – blogging with a purpose. Many bloggers and insurance agency marketers are not so much in love with listicles. However, they’re among the most popular articles online, provided they are well done, and clear and clever in how the information being conveyed is laid out. Sure, they have their pros and cons. All forms of content marketing do have pros and cons.

A listicle is shareable, visual, brief, fun and trendy. Just make sure it is done professionally and contains key information you want to share with your clients. Cater to your niche audience, and to their curiosities about insurance, what it does cover, what it does not cover, why it is important, and give them helpful answers. Common sense answers using real life experiences from your insurance customers help you to create a popular blog.

The more popular your blog is, the more business you get a chance to convert. Win-win!

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