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Are You Up-To-Date? Know What Medicare Does and Does Not Cover

When it is time to enroll in Medicare, make certain your clients know what it covers and what it does not cover to avoid any unexpected surprises later.

Although Medicare is considered to be a health insurance program for those 65 or older, it also offers coverage to those under 65 that have certain disabilities and those with End-Stage Renal Disease. If your customers do not know what they are covered for that could backfire later when they need coverage and discover Medicare does not cover them.

The costs associated with an accident when a client needs a procedure done and it turns out they are not covered are often exceedingly expensive. Always make sure your customers read the fine print when it comes to Medicare. If you sell Medicare supplements you are going to be the go to person for those needing tailored coverage to meet their needs.

Nutshell Medicare Coverage
Medicare, mandated for everyone to carry, kicks in automatically at age 65 and covers the following:

• Part A – hospital insurance – inpatient hospital care, hospice care and skilled nursing care
• Part A – also covers home health care, surgery, lab tests, visits to a physician
• Part B – medical insurance – covers some preventative services, durable medical equipment, home health care, outpatient care, doctor and other medical professional’s services
• Part B –  elective, offers choice to drop later or deny on enrollment
• Part B – ideally everyone should have Part B coverage, even individuals with Indian Health or Veterans benefits
• Part D – prescription drug coverage – here the government counts on private insurers to offer various plans with choices in terms of coverage options and varying costs
• Those with Medicare usually have to pay co-insurance, co-payments and a deductible even if a service/item is covered

Medicare Nutshell Coverage – What Medicare Does Not Include

• Dentures
• Cosmetic surgery
• Most dental care
• Acupuncture
• Custodial care
• Hearing aids
• Exams to fit a hearing aid
• Eye examinations to get glasses
• Routine foot care

It is important that your customers know what to expect when they sign on with your to buy Medicare supplement plans. Ensuring potential customers and existing clients are aware of any changes and have the coverage they need guarantees you a loyal client base. Good customer service can never be underestimated.

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