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Can I use Twitter to promote my insurance agency?

You can indeed, but realize that the format is a bit restrictive and therefore not overly conducive to carrying on a full conversation. However, that does not mean you cannot follow up with someone on Twitter by visiting their LinkedIn page, or that they cannot follow up with you by visiting your website or Facebook page.

Again, the insurance leads you bought from benepath.net, which are chockfull of information, whether they are in the Medicare niche or the group insurance niche, are worth looking up on Twitter. The more you get a sense of who your potential client may be, the easier it is to relate to them and find the right kind of insurance policy to suit their needs.

Be creative. Have fun. Engage others on Twitter or other social media platforms and let them get to know who you are. Personally marketing yourself as well as a product is the best way to cultivate customers and get conversions.

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