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Using high pressure sales tactics with insurance leads is not a good idea

You may come from a school of thought that says pressuring people into buying something is the best way to make a sale. It may be true. However, that may be the only sale you ever make to that person because they are unlikely to come back. Or, they may take advantage of the “buyer’s remorse” clause that allows them to cancel the policy they were pressured into buying within a certain number of days.

At one time, the high pressure sales approach was considered to be the only way to ensure a sale. It was thought that it was good practice to never quit on attempting to get a sale until the potential buyer bought a policy. It often didn’t matter what the agent had to do to get that signature on a policy. They were intently fixed on the sale and only the sale.

These days that style of selling has gone out with the dinosaurs. Now people want the personal touch, a connection to the agent, a one-on-one respectful conversation, the chance to ask questions, to compare policies, to be treated as if they were important. People want courtesy, respect, intelligent interaction and an insurance agent who knows their products and offers stellar customer service.

Insurance leads are not about selling as much you can in as little time as possible. They are about building a loyal customer base for your agency — a base that renews every year and passes your name along to friends and relatives. Insurance leads are also about continuing to grow your business while working on customer retention.

Selling insurance is a bit of a merry-go-round, but if done the right way, the ride is well worth it.

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