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Social media marketing is here to stay

Like it or hate it, social media marketing is here to stay, and if you are marketing insurance, it is critical that you learn how to find your way around on social media platforms. That does not mean you need to know all the platforms out there, but it’s a smart marketer who chooses the most popular ones — LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

You’re wondering what social media will do for you if you don’t have leads? First, you get the leads. Once you have a nice list of names and potential customers, you use social media to stay in touch with them.

Make sure to order exclusive insurance leads, ones that have been pre-screened, pre-vetted and come to you in real time. All the hard work is already done. You just need to work the lead as soon as it comes in. Exclusive leads tend to have a higher conversion rate than other shared leads, so it’s usually worth your while to spend more to make more.

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