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Selling insurance is highly competitive

Selling insurance is also about not only working leads purchased from a lead generation company but also ensuring those leads remain customers and not buy insurance from another agent.

The best way to ensure a lead remains a loyal customer is to make first contact. Agents who are the first to speak to a potential customer have a distinct advantage. That means not sitting on leads when they come in. Call right away and leave a clear message with your name and your company name if no one answers. Even leave a quote if that works for you or choose to just say you have one prepared and think they may like it. Not leaving a message is as good as not having made the call at all.

Don’t just leave your contact at a phone call and message. Send a follow up email outlining the benefits of dealing with your company and how you may be able to assist them in choosing the right insurance package for their needs. If you do not hear back from them, keep going until you have run out of options. This isn’t to say hound a potential client, but instead, be professional, helpful, to the point and personable.

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