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Blogging the lines — another way to market insurance

What if you sell a variety of lines? Say, commercial and group benefit lines? And you also sell personal lines, such as final expense or term insurance and you want to harness the power of social media to get the word out about your agency and products. A blog is your ticket, but it has to be interesting and relevant to consumers and potential consumers.

Blogs are easily shared on all social media platforms, and because you have information on potential customers thanks to the insurance leads you bought from benepath.net, you know which platforms people likely hang out on. You tailor your blog pieces accordingly.

And remember the blog does not have to be about insurance. Your entries could include business-related news, business tips, industry news or educational information. It’s all about who you are marketing to for any given post idea. Before you write a piece, think about what you, as an agent and/or broker, want to share and what potential and existing clients would find interesting.

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