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Be wary of lead generation companies that tell you they will give you free leads to try with no obligation

If you see an enticement to try a lead generation company that says they are going to give you a certain number of free leads to try, run. The leads are free for a good reason — they’re usually duds or cold leads, and working them gets you nothing. The other thing to remember is this: if you signed up to get your free leads, guess what? You just became a lead yourself.

Spend some decent marketing money on getting solid leads that convert. The kind of leads that are pre-screened, pre-qualified and virtually ready-to-go. The kind of leads you do not have to waste your time on wondering if you will ever make a sale. Sure, you do spend a bit more for leads exclusive to you only, but you get what you pay for when it comes to leads.

Insurance marketing is tough enough these days without chasing dud, chewed-up leads. Since we are talking about clichés here, remember this one: “You have to spend money to make money.” It is true. So do not scrooge your marketing dollars. Splurge them and watch the pay-off ratio when ready-to-go, decent leads convert.

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