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Life Insurance Leads are All About Networking

Even though an insurance agent may be working alone in his or her office while calling leads, they are not doing anything alone. Life insurance leads are all about networking.

The worst thing that can happen to any business, including an insurance agency, is to run out of sources for more leads. While social media is definitely a great place to look for leads, in order to convert leads on social media an agent must have a constant and reliable presence.

The specific platform used doesn’t matter, be it YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or any of the other multitudinous online ways to connect. It only matters that there is a message that reaches and resonates with potential customers. These social media have to be put to good use. Sure, being online is exposure, but if one is not online consistently and effectively, it affects the level of exposure negatively. In order to get leads from social media sources, an agent must be there, be counted, be effective and be visible.

Combine online and offline sources to garner leads, in addition to purchasing life insurance leads from a reputable and reliable lead generation company. The more sources taken advantage of, the better the business growth. An agent’s warm market, those he or she knows and does business with, compromise a body of people to start with, but who must not be hounded. After all, one has to live with relatives and continue doing business with doctors, dentists and hairdressers.

The point is that personal connections are likely to buy life insurance because they know the seller. There is a lesson in that observation. When these people read online material they tend to convert because they feel they know the person making the persuasive claim. The more personal relationships are developed and fostered, the more leads begin to crop up.

Even in today’s highly technological world, direct mail can, and does, return good leads. This is an investment of time and money, but if done properly, it may well pay off. Snail mail is a personal form of contact and makes the sender seem like a real person. It’s an old-fashion method of communication that many wish would return. Connect with that sense of nostalgia for more personal communications and more leads are bound to follow.

What is the common thread in all of these methods of marketing? Networking. It’s simple. It’s complex. And yet, it is all interconnected. It’s best to remember that a direct mail campaign can be accompanied with a campaign that isviable online. Be flexible, adaptable and creative and watch those networked life insurance leads roll in.

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