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Other things to avoid in email marketing campaigns

Avoid being dull. To that end you need to have zippy content that is relevant to your readers. You notice the word relevant comes up a lot when discussing marketing of any kind. That’s because if you send out something that has no relevance to your audience, your credibility tanks. So stick to the things people need to know and information they can use. An example of pertinent, attention grabbing content would be “How to avoid paying a higher insurance premium,” “What the differences are between Medicare and Medicaid,” or “Why some insurance companies may decline to insure an individual.” You get the idea. Write about things people actually need to know. In the writing lies the chance to educate, but education does not need to be painful.

In lockstep with good content, make the design of the email interesting, eyecatching and yes, relevant to your audience. If you are creative enough, your mailing list of existing and prospective customers start to look forward to what is coming next. While you may not achieve a 100 percent open rate, you could come pretty close by being a smart email marketer.

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