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Making Sure Medicare Supplement Leads Are Genuine Before Purchasing

Medicare supplements are a hot commodity in a greying America, but getting in touch with those who actually want them can be trickier than one would imagine.

Medicare supplement leads, whether they are exclusive or not, require some fact checking first. For example, a fair number of lead generation companies suggest they are offering real-time leads, but in reality, they are only selling information garnered from a generic health insurance form. Anyone over 65 that fills out an online form is fair game and considered to be a lead. And while they technically are leads, they may not be leads looking for Medicare supplement quotes.

Many online lead generation companies claim they offer real-time Medicare supplement leads, and some even go as far as to claim they are exclusive leads. How does one sort through all the claims and make a determination about their veracity? And how are the leads generated?

To effectively build a thriving insurance company, working with a lead generation company can help to navigate these questions. Such a company provides leads using a dedicated Medicare supplement insurance form, which specifically asks if the individual is looking for Medicare supplements, if they are looking for Medicare Advantage or Medigap, and if they are already covered by Medicare Parts A & B. Those receiving these leads know right away that these potential customers are quite serious about buying Medicare supplements and calling them is easy with the information provided.

Another important point to consider is how the lead generation company gathers their leads. Interested parties should check to see if the company garners their Medigap, Medicare or Medicare Advantage leads the same way they generate health insurance leads. If they do blanket marketing (search and email marketing) for people wanting “health” insurance, this is an ineffective strategy that will likely generate dud leads. Health insurance is not the same thing as Medicare supplement insurance.

The most desirable tools in an agent’s arsenal are Medicare supplement leads from a lead generation company that uses a dedicated Medicare form. Anything else is a waste of time and money.

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