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Love automated email campaigns to sell insurance?

Well, why not? They can make your life a lot easier, giving you time to spend on the phone calling your leads. You can manage your marketing in two ways: with pre-screened source leads from an online lead generation company, and automated emails designed to collect further leads. The email leads are not going to be as solid as the ones you get from a lead generation company, but they do provide you with the flexibility of another option.

The one thing to remember when working with leads is that having options widens your chances of converting even more clients into long-term customers. So it’s a good idea to use more than one method of gathering leads so you can see what works the best for you. Automated email campaigns can get leads automatically, and you can even program them to send information to customers, and other contacts, over either a predetermined period of time or at certain times of the day.

As simple and useful as this concept is, it does not work the leads for you. You must still return phone calls, set up appointments and send out information.And because the email leads are not pre-screened, you may find yourself spending more time on figuring out which leads are solid, while weeding out the leads that are fake.

While this system does save you marketing time, you must still stay on top of campaigns, changing the content of your emails to reflect what you are currently offering, and to keep all your messages fresh and relevant. Keep tweaking the system and over time, you may be able to build a significant customer base in conjunction with the customers garnered from a lead generation company.

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