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Can an automatic email marketing campaign save me money?

Yes, provided you do it the right way,using the system to its best advantage. Having an automated email marketing system in place takes away some of the hassles of correspondence, giving you more time to concentrate on other marketing activities. Additionally, they’re very cost effective – no stamps, no paper, no envelopes. What better way to keep in touch with existing clients and potential customers? Just do not overdo the number of messages you send out, and always offer subscribers an opt-out option if they do not want to continue receiving emails from you.

This relates to another point anyone using email marketing needs to know: how to take an ethical approach to collecting email lists. Provide customers with an opt-in option, offering them the choice of signing up for a newsletter or other content. If you automatically collect names without asking, you are asking for trouble from angry people who resent being solicited without providing their consent.

Insurance agents also love automated email software for its ability to multitask. A well-run program can market more than one product or service at a time, send out a series of emails and gather everything into one place for analysis. With extra marketing time for other tasks and multifaceted approach to getting your information to potential clients, a well-managed email marketing campaign can definitely cut costs and even boost sales.

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