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Article marketing for insurance agents needs to be done correctly

While it’s a good idea to write informative articles for people searching for information about insurance, part of marketing those pieces is doing it correctly. In other words, don’t just choose a few places to put them up in a slap dash manner. Think about your target market: research your demographic and aim your articles towards where they will do the most good.

There is no sense in writing great material and then squandering it in the wrong places where your target market won’t see it. Even if some do, they may not act on it if it is poorly positioned. You need to aim your best pieces where they count. The days of just putting anything up on the Internet and getting people to read it and convert are long gone. It’s a completely new marketing landscape online and you need to not only be aware of it, but also to make sure you know how to use this brave new world in the right way.

For one thing (and it’s a big thing) you must write about issues that people really care about. For example, health: articles with real live medical cases and how insurance helped the individuals definitely get people’s attention. You don’t have to reveal patient’s names, just use the case information and explain how insurance helped them manage their bills. Make sure to write this in a manner that people find engaging. If it’s stilted and awkward, people click away. Don’t know how to write? Hire it out. It’s one of the best investments you can make with your marketing dollars.

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