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Your insurance agency is multifaceted so you must market all departments not just life insurance

Your agency does so many things and handles health insurance to group insurance, and just about everything in between. Market it that way. It opens many more doors for you when sourcing potential customers. First, buy the exclusive health insurance leads then use social media as part and parcel of your multi-platform marketing campaign. Having many areas to promote gives you more tools in your marketing arsenal and exponentially broadens your marketing base as well.

The fact is that the more you have to market, the more creative you need to be, which keeps you on your toes and gets you out of your comfort zone when it comes to trying various marketing approaches. Now is not the time to stagnate and do a one product mega-blitz over and over. Diversify. It’s the safety net of all insurance agents offering various products. Isolation when it comes to marketing on any social media platform can be the kiss of mediocrity. Avoid it at all costs.

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