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Life Insurance Leads May Be Easier to Find Than You Think

The struggling economy may make you skeptical of any reports of new, successful life insurance leads. But remember, upheaval and imbalance may actually help some people realize that now is the time to purchase coverage. A depressed real estate market provides a good opportunity for alert consumers to buy homes and sell them for a profit later; your leads can’t sell their life insurance policies once the market improves, but they can certainly find a better deal in the current climate. Not that anyone can sell their life insurance policy. The market is primed for agents to target savvy buyers who recognize the value of timing and wish to protect their families if something should happens to them.

Still leery about buying leads despite the economy, or unsure whether you should choose shared or exclusive leads? Largely, your choices should depends on your goals and how quickly you want to meet them. Shared leads can require a seemingly endless wait before paying off in any substantive way. Exclusive leads can react much more quickly because they are only sent to one agent. Try both types of lead and experiment to determine what works best for your agency.

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