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Effective senior marketing involves Medicare supplement leads

Without viable, ready-to-roll Medicare supplement leads, it is difficult to build your agency.

While you may sell many products, as many good insurance agents do, it is wise to also include Medicare, as the existing market and the next wave of seniors needing Medicare hold the key to growing your business. Where will you find hot leads?

You can attempt to find them on your own, but do you have the time to track them down, verify them, qualify them, spend time talking to them to determine what they need and then move to close the sale? You’d be chasing leads just about all day, every day if you did it the old-fashioned way. Why not just opt to get quality, pre-screened Medicare supplement leads and cut your time down by half, allowing you to call double the number of potential clients and sell even more?

You want quality leads, not leads that have been worked over. How do you know where to get good leads that pay off and determine if the company you are going to buy those leads from is reputable and reliable?

Here are several tips that will help you to determine if the lead generation company knows what it is doing: They check the leads they are working with against the national Do Not Call list; they offer excellent leads for a fair price; they have leads that pay off fast; and they allow you to choose the territory you want, qualify the leads and even determine how many you want each day, week or month. In other words, you choose what you want and control the outcome. If you go with a company that only offers what you need, you end up talking to qualified Medicare supplement buyers.

A word about exclusivity: Choose a lead generation company that offers you exclusive leads. Yes, they do cost more than the shared leads. However, they pay off quickly because they are qualified to buy, want the information and in most instances, are ready to buy. And as a bonus, they only come to your inbox, no one else gets them and you don’t have to share them, unless you want to offer another colleague in your office the chance to try them.

If you want to increase your productivity and your bottom line, choose to buy exclusive Medicare supplement leads. And while you are at it, given careful consideration to what other specialized products you could offer to the senior market. There are a number of other leads you could capitalize on by catering to the “gray wave” of tomorrow.

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