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If you want to spent your agency marketing dollars where they count the most, invest in exclusive insurance leads

It’s always a toss up which kind of leads to buy when you’re running an insurance agency. Do you want exclusive or non-exclusive? Which is best? Which will make you more money?

Those are good questions. The answer to which kind of leads work the best for your agency and situation is a personal one, based on how you conduct your business, how much time you want to put into making calls, whether you want to share leads or go for the gold and get exclusive ones.

It’s generally a wise move to try both kinds of leads. You then get a good idea of what works and what does not. Based on information we have garnered from our agents, they prefer exclusive insurance leads, simply because these pay off for them faster than non-exclusive leads. You’re the only one working exclusive leads, and that is a major bonus.

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