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Exclusive Final Expense Leads Make More Sense Than Shared Ones

If you want to share final expense leads, then just be prepared to work hard. This is because you are not the only one to get the leads. You may be sharing them with anywhere up to seven other agents. If you can, for a minute, put yourself in a customer’s shoes. Imagine answering the phone seven times or more during the day and talking to insurance agents about a final expense policy. If you were the person thinking about buying and what seems like a cast of thousands calls you, what would you do? Many unplug the phone, hang up or just don’t answer the phone any more. Can you blame them?

There is a way around that potential fiasco —- buy exclusive final expense leads instead. They go ONLY to you and sit in your inbox until you are ready to roll. Potential customers only talk to you. You have their attention. You answer their questions. You help them with other queries as well. Your customer service is excellent. Guess what? They eventually buy from you. Isn’t that a whole lot better than biting your nails over who else you have to compete with to sell a policy?

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