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Group Insurance Leads May Be Invalid Now and Then

Just because leads are pre-qualified and reliable does not mean there may not be one or two invalid ones.

It wasn’t all that long ago that working with potential customers on group insurance leads was incredibly tough going. Anyone remember cold calling, making appointments, rescheduling appointments, traveling to appointments that could potentially be a sale or not? There was a lot of time invested in selling then. Not that there isn’t now, but now you have far more flexibility in not only how you work your group insurance leads but the quality of those leads.

These days, there is the beauty of being able to buy pre-qualified, exclusive group insurance leads from a lead generation company. Pre-qualified means gold mine leads that will eventually pay off for you, provided you put the work into them. Always remember that, just because you have a lead and it is a good one, you still need to be your best salesperson to turn that lead into a conversion.

The thing you need to know about group health insurance leads is that they are leads that come directly from a group of prospects, usually via telemarketing or perhaps even direct mail marketing. They are pre-qualified and reliable. Having said that, just because they are pre-qualified and reliable does not mean there may not be one or two invalid ones. For instance, they could be deemed invalid if the lead was not submitted by a group, was sent in by a competitor or was submitted outside a specified service territory.

What do you do with invalid leads? Simply put in a lead recall request. Once it is reviewed and approved, your account with the lead generation company will be credited for the amount of the lead(s). So while having invalid leads is serious, it is not critical, and you can take action to do something about it and replace them.

You have direct control over the number of leads you choose to buy, which typically is predicated on how many you can handle within about three days or so. Working those leads diligently and promptly will add a handsome return to your agency’s bottom line. Why? Because you are not wasting time chasing rainbows that go nowhere.

Once you get the hang of working with exclusive group health insurance leads, your life will be a whole lot easier.

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