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Work Exclusive Health Insurance Leads with Due Diligence

Don’t give up on exclusive health insurance leads too soon. Some customers need longer to make a decision.

We all know that getting a call from an insurance agent just makes our day, right? Wrong. Most people think getting a call from an insurance agent is like going to the dentist for a root canal. It does not need to be that way. This is why a smart insurance agent will purchase exclusive health insurance leads, because they know the individuals have been pre-qualified and are willing to talk about their health care needs.

The unfortunate part about selling insurance is that agents tend to focus on short-term, quickie leads, ones they think they can close fast and make money on. The down side to that is they miss the long haul leads that will eventually convert and be good customers. Not everyone makes up their mind instantly about what kind of insurance policy to buy, who to buy it from and what it should cover.

Many times, it could take as long as six weeks for an exclusive health insurance lead to convert. If you don’t spend the time keeping in touch and working the lead, it will go somewhere else, and your lack of patience means you’ve wasted your money on a lead that could have paid off. That’s a bit of a comeuppance, isn’t it? If you want to spend your time and money in the best way possible to grow your business, you should do at least two things: buy exclusive health insurance leads and keep working them consistently.

Look at it this way. If you had 10 exclusive health insurance leads you were working, and three converted right away, but the other seven potential buyers wanted to think about it and make a decision when they were ready, would you blow them off if all seven decided to buy later – and statistics prove many of them do? You would not even consider handing those leads to someone else to work, because they would make more money on the seven leads than you did on the three. Count all 10 of them as winners, now or later. Think of it as deferred profit.

The moral of the story is that sales leads need to be worked with due diligence if you want to make your business a roaring success. And remember that just because you invested in exclusive health insurance leads does not mean they will work themselves. You still need to put the time, effort and work into the deal to make a sale. Have patience for the long-term leads, and over time, they will become the reliable foundation of your insurance agency. If you pass the long-terms leads over, don’t complain when the competition gets them.

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