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Unsold Quality Health Insurance Leads – Your Opportunity

What Makes Our Aged Leads Different?

These Leads Are Still Interested

We tested these leads by sending an email to a random sample, and guess what we found out?

  • That over 85% of the email addresses were valid
  • That over 20% of the people openned an email sent to them with the subject – “Save on Health Insurance”

Now c’mon, this is spam we sent and over 20% of the people opened the email!

Our Aged Leads Were Only Sent to One Person

Other aged lead products are sold 5-8 times on day 1 and have been sold so many more times that by the time you get them, there is little hope of making any real sales.

These leads were only sent out once up front and they won’t go out to more than 5 agents.

The feedback we get all the time from agents is that these leads have not been “beat up”

The Leads Have Great Demographics

Here are the highlights of the leads you will be getting:

  • Over 40% have families
  • The median age of the leads is 40 – half are older – half are younger

We Do All of Our Own Marketing

These are not leads that we bought from someone else and are reselling to you. We know they were not incentivized leads and that they did not come from pop-under ads and spam email campaigns.

These Leads are sourced from trusted places like Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN (Bing).

You Choose the Locations and How Many Leads You Want

Test as Few as 150 leads for only $200 or as many as 10,000 leads for $3,500.

See how many leads are available by state – Check it Out!

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