Aged Leads Offer High Value with Low Up-Front Cost

Selling insurance successfully means you need to have many options to choose from when looking for reliable leads.

Leads are, without too much of an exaggeration, the lifeblood of an insurance agency. While you could go out and knock on doors and talk to all your relatives, right down to your fifth cousin (once removed), it’s likely not a great idea — not to mention a waste of time. In other words, your personal market is limited.

What you want is a market without borders and without limitations. You can set things up in your favor by considering two kinds of leads: exclusive, pre-qualified health insurance leads; and aged health insurance leads. Aged leads are not as current as those that come to you in real time, but they are just as valuable if you work them with due diligence.

Most aged health insurance leads can range from 3- to 90-days old and if worked properly, can be just as profitable as real-time leads. One other bonus is that they are less expensive. Whether or not you want to try aged leads is a personal choice, based on how you work. You can try both types and see which best suits your style. Another thing to think about when considering aged leads is that they are leads that are no longer being swamped with calls from other agents, particularly if they were sold as common or shared leads.

Overall, buying leads is just half of the battle. The other half is working them diligently by giving them top-notch customer service and reasonably priced products. Your personality and way of handling health insurance talks is the key to your sales success. The more a prospect knows about you, the more they feel as if they know you. That typically engenders a sense of trust that leads to a sale. It’s not rocket science. It’s the science of understanding people and treating them with respect and dignity.

If you take the time to work with aged leads, they can offer you an undiscovered gold mine of business. You are prospecting for the gold buyers that the first set of agents could not convert. Anything is possible, providing you have an appealing way with people and know your products intimately so that you may answer any question you are asked.

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Benepath CEO Says Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads Need Personal Touch

A personal follow-up to exclusive Medicare supplement leads can make a big difference to sales figures.

“In a world that is virtually upside down these days, personal service in sales is remembered. Unfortunately, many sales people make the mistake of thinking what is important is the final sale,” said Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and president of “While the final sale is important, it is not the ‘be all, end all.’ Personal touches are often what separate you from the ranks of other agents who are bent on sales numbers only.”

Take selling insurance, for example. Instead of being viewed just as a way to make money, selling insurance is an opportunity to help people make the right decisions for their health and welfare. It could be a real win-win for you and your customers. And if your business includes buying exclusive Medicare supplement leads, Green has some words of advice.

“Before making the leap into buying exclusive Medicare supplement leads to build an insurance business, it is wise to check out whether or not those leads may be customized to suit your geographic business needs. No sense in buying leads two states away that you can’t really service properly,” said Green. “Also find out if they are pre-qualified and genuinely exclusive to you only.” They should be or the agent will be competing with up to seven others for a sale, which is a waste of time and money.

And don’t forget the most important thing: the personal touch. “A personal note of thanks, encouragement or an offer to help by providing more information will be remembered. Ensure your notes are personal and not canned. Take the time to either email a note of your own creation, or send something by snail mail. While it may be a shame that the personal touch seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur, there is nothing saying you can’t bring courtesy, kindness, thoughtfulness and genuine caring to the way you do business. The results may surprise you,” said Green.

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Unsold Quality Health Insurance Leads – Your Opportunity

What Makes Our Aged Leads Different?

These Leads Are Still Interested

We tested these leads by sending an email to a random sample, and guess what we found out?

  • That over 85% of the email addresses were valid
  • That over 20% of the people openned an email sent to them with the subject – “Save on Health Insurance”

Now c’mon, this is spam we sent and over 20% of the people opened the email!

Our Aged Leads Were Only Sent to One Person

Other aged lead products are sold 5-8 times on day 1 and have been sold so many more times that by the time you get them, there is little hope of making any real sales.

These leads were only sent out once up front and they won’t go out to more than 5 agents.

The feedback we get all the time from agents is that these leads have not been “beat up”

The Leads Have Great Demographics

Here are the highlights of the leads you will be getting:

  • Over 40% have families
  • The median age of the leads is 40 – half are older – half are younger

We Do All of Our Own Marketing

These are not leads that we bought from someone else and are reselling to you. We know they were not incentivized leads and that they did not come from pop-under ads and spam email campaigns.

These Leads are sourced from trusted places like Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN (Bing).

You Choose the Locations and How Many Leads You Want

Test as Few as 150 leads for only $200 or as many as 10,000 leads for $3,500.

See how many leads are available by state – Check it Out!

Aged Health Insurance Leads

Aged health insurance leads are perfect for those who consider budget an issue. If you are one of them, then aged health insurance leads can be just what you need. Aged health insurance leads can be 7 days or up to 45 days old. These aged health insurance leads is most beneficial for some people who have difficulty to avail of health insurance. Creating a marketing plan for cheaper health cards essentially is one way of finding pockets of challenging-to-insure customers. And because of this, aged health insurance leads are the best solution. There could be various reasons aged health insurance leads might be the right marketing strategy. For one, aged health insurance leads are underresourced. This is the greatest advantage of getting a group of aged health insurance leads to target discount health insurance prospects. Aged health insurance leads are nearly exclusive. Because they are inherently underserved, they are very likely to also be exclusive.

No doubt, health insurance is important for both individuals and families, as it spares its clients from huge expenses during any unexpected medical emergencies. Many have realized the importance of having quality health insurance. Consequently, different health insurance companies have sprung up since then. Thus leading to a growing need for aged health insurance leads. Agents are becoming very competitive and seek for aged health insurance leads out there to sell as much as they could. If you are one of those insurance companies, then we could certainly help you. Call now at 866-368-0377 and start making your dreams come true. Benepath – the path that leads you to aged health insurance leads that deliver optimum results.


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