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Free Health Insurance Leads

Get health insurance leads free!

Uh uh, not so fast.

Why? Because there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Any company that is giving away real time leads for free is simply paying for their marketing on the backs of their current agents.

Are you having trouble connecting the dots?

That’s what they want, for you to not understand this simple truth.

When you get leads for free, there are other agents who are paying for those same leads.

So, the lead company isn’t spending a dime to give you those leads – the other agents are.

After you start paying, you become one of their suckers who pays for leads while they send leads to other agents for free.

This reduces the value of your investment by as much as 50% -depending on how many people they will share a lead with.

Next time – beware the sales person offering you free real time leads!

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