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How Insurance Agents Can Get Out of the Dreaded January Sales Slump

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period and health insurance Open Enrollment Period are the easiest times for you to grow your clientele, earn commissions, and keep your business booming. Now that the AEP and OEP are over, though, you might be finding it a little more difficult to drum up business. You might be wondering how you’re going to get rolling again now that things have slowed down. But there are ways to get out of the dreaded January sales slump! illustration of a woman pushing up a sale chart arrow with article title

Set Some Goals for the Year

Take the slow time in January to begin working on some goals for the coming year. And don’t just think about your goals, write them down: a study at the Dominican University in California found that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you put them in writing. 

But what kind of goals should you set? Your specific goals will depend on what you need to focus on in the coming year. Are you trying to increase your production? Would you like to improve your customer service? Increase referrals? Work on your social media?

Once you’ve written your goals down, take the time to also write your plan for achieving them. Remember to treat reaching your goals as a process that you work on each day, as opposed to something that can be tackled instantaneously. 

Get Ahead on Training

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You can look for training sessions or attend webinars to get ahead of what to expect!

Take this slow time to improve your knowledge about the insurance industry. You can look for training sessions or attend webinars to get ahead of what to expect in the new year. If there are certifications that you need for the new year, get on top of those early in the year. 

Focus on Existing Customers

If you’re not spending a lot of time pulling in new leads at this slow time, take that extra time you’ve got on your hands to focus on the customers you do have! You can:

  • Review your client list and determine when you should follow up with them and consider what kind of additional coverage they might need in the future. 
  • Create and send out a newsletter to your existing clients. Every agent should try to touch base with their clients a minimum of 5 times per year, and newsletters are an easy way to do this, since they can be quickly created in programs like MailChimp or Constant Contact. Share some agency and personal news, and don’t forget to mention some cross-selling opportunities.
  • Revisit business quotes and review every policy written in the last month. If you didn’t write a policy for someone, review what happened. Set a reminder to follow up with that lead in 5 months to see if you can requote them.

How Benepath Can Help

During this slow period, you might be worried about making commissions and finding leads. Benepath can help you! We offer you real-time exclusive leads who are warmed up and ready to purchase an insurance plan. You just have to provide us with the days and times you are available so that we can send you live transfer calls during your specific hours. 

In short, we do all the work for you, finding you pre-qualified leads and simply passing them off to you to make the sale. Benepath will provide you with better tools, more guidance, unsurpassed sales training, and techniques from the most successful agents and trainers in the industry, not to mention the best leads available! To get more information, fill out the form below or call 866-368-0377.


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