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The New Norm: Digital Solutions To Help Customers Most Efficiently

The recent pandemic has wreaked havoc on businesses, forcing some to shut down, and others to find new ways of doing things. One way many businesses have adapted is by moving much of their work online and using Zoom or other digital tools to keep in touch with colleagues and clients. Not only have many businesses gotten used to this style of working, but many customers are beginning to demand it. 

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Digital Meetings

Just because we have been required to practice social distancing doesn’t mean that people don’t need help with insurance – in fact, they may need it now more than ever.  People are looking for help protecting their families, businesses, and employees in these difficult times. The only difference is, now you need to offer prospects the option of meeting online instead of in person. Many prospects prefer to meet this way, and not just because of the recent pandemic: it has become clear to customers that digital solutions are not only faster, but are more convenient for them. Being part of this new digital normal means that you should: 

  • Offer phone and video conferencing to sell insurance, or to help customers with any issues they are facing.
  • Communicate with potential customers through private chats and messaging, or calls if they prefer.

The Tools You Needphone apps with alerts on some.

There are a number of tools that you can use to better serve your customers:

  • Secured messaging and video applications such as Zoom and Google 
  • A self-service portal for your customers to connect with you
  • Mobile apps for customer claims
  • Emails, chatbots, and call centers for your customer support

Maintain an Online Presence

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Host webinars and classes in order to keep people up to date on what’s going on in the insurance world.

Not only is having an online presence an excellent way to maintain relationships with existing customers, but it is also the most effective way to market yourself to new customers. Since you may not be doing anything face-to-face these days, make sure you’re consistently posting content and that you’re active on multiple platforms so you can get your name out there as much as possible. Some ways you can get noticed online are:

Make Sure You Are Cyber Secured

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With so much business being conducted on the internet now, there is a much greater possibility of being hit with a cyber attack. Scammers will try to hack your business to steal identities and money. In order to protect both your business’ and customers’ personal information and data, make sure to use effective cyber security measures, such as a virtual private network (VPN).

Customers need your help during these crazy times, but they will most likely want it digitally. Even after all restrictions are removed, more and more people will want to avoid unnecessary face-to-face meetings and will probably prefer communication over the phone and internet. This means you will need to adapt and offer practical solutions for your customers. If you are used to (or have depended on) face-to-face meetings, the change might seem  tough in the beginning, but you can do it! You know how  to sell and how to market yourself, you just need to adjust to the new normal of digital business.

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