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Why The First Call Is The Most Important Call

Studies show that around 78% of people say their opinion and perception of a brand permanently changes after the first interaction with a sales rep. And any good sales rep will know that the first call – especially the first 30 seconds of that call –  along with the timing of the call, is everything. So, when is the right time to call, and how exactly do you win over a customer?

clock with alarm on top sitting on a table
Knowing when to call is important to speak to a person. Ideally 3-5pm is best.

Time Is Of The Essence

Sometimes, it is not about how you do it, but when you do it that makes all the difference. Thinking of calling a prospect in the morning? Think again! No one wants to be bothered in the morning when they are at work, or trying to get ready for work. Studies show the best time to call a customer is in the afternoon, ideally any time between 3 pm and 5pm. Studies show that customers will stay on the call longer during these times.

Relevancy: The Right Kind Of Questions

First things first: never ever wing it when it comes to your initial phone call. It takes strategy to get someone to listen and want to stay on the phone with you. The more organized you are, the more likely the customer will want to work with you. Start with small talk, and then make sure you are staying focused on what they need and asking the right kind of questions.

Get to know what the customer is looking for. Why do they need insurance at this moment in their life? What is their budget? What are some of their concerns? Help them to walk you through why they do not have insurance and/or why they are now looking for a plan. Try to find out how you can make their life easier.

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Know the right questions to ask, and be prepared to know your stuff when answering questions.

Know Your Stuff

When you are on the phone with someone who seems unsure of themselves or doesn’t  know the answers to your questions, you will not want to work with that person. In fact, you will be happy to get off the phone with them and you may feel like you dodged a bullet. The same goes for your customers. They want to speak to someone who knows the ins and outs of the products they are selling, and who will provide them with accurate, helpful information.

The more you know, the more a customer will feel confident signing up with you. People want to feel secure with the person handling such a major purchase as insurance.


Building a rapport with someone just might leave you with a customer for life. When you genuinely build a relationship with your customer, they will feel more comfortable with signing up. And even if they do not decide to sign up with you at that moment, you will have left them with a good impression. And, when the time is right for the customer, they will remember you and hopefully give you the sale.

Know When To Talk & When To Listen

hand over an ear with sound waves coming to the ear.
Determine what kind of call it is so you know how much talking and listening to do.

Many agents will get carried away with doing all the talking when on the phone with a prospective client. This can either hurt you, or help you, depending on the type of call. If it is a cold call, then it is best to do more of the talking. However, if this is a discovery call, then you need to press mute and let the customer talk. Listen to their needs, and engage back in a 50-50 manner.

That first call can make a world of difference in how much and how often you sell. You will want to get the customer at the right time, with the right tactics. When a customer feels informed, listened to, and genuinely helped, they will be more likely to want to want to work with you. Set the bar so high, that even if they do decide to go with your competition, they will demand nothing but the best. And when they don’t get it, they will know doing business with you is the right choice. Make that first call count!

About The Author: Cassandra Love

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