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Why Become an Insurance Agent?

Any skill is marketable, but none more so than an expert salesman. In America today, the insurance industry is the choice for anyone looking to make a solid income, plus a little extra. But why do most people want to become an agent, and what are the pros of becoming one? Besides being one of the most lucrative industries out there, becoming an insurance agent has its own perks.

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Unlike some industries, you can choose between working solo or being part of an office.

With how stable the industry is, you are almost guaranteed a job. Somewhere in the hundreds of companies out there is a spot for you. The same goes for gainful employment. While many are put off by the starting work, if you pull through and try your best, you could be looking at stable employment for the rest of your life.

An agent has flexibility in their industry. You could start in one company, one insurance type, and one agent type, then move to a different one. The only limits you have are ones that you place on yourself.

This means that there aren’t any hard lines drawn around you once you’re established. If you have a fair amount of clients and know your stuff, you could even start your own agency! Just make sure you keep up to date with licensing.

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One of the best parts about this career path is how much support you’ll get.

One thing many people take for granted is paid training. Licenses aren’t cheap, but most companies will help you out with resources, meetings, and even conventions to learn the best industry skills. Once you’re licensed, you can grow your skillset within your company, or by yourself, if you’re independent.

When you sell insurance, policies are often renewed by the clients. A great benefit to this process is extra commission can come your way when renewals are paid for. Want extra money on top of your base pay? The more policies you sign, the sweeter this can get. Compared to other industries, insurance commissions are the most lucrative out there.

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