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2020 Guide to an Agent’s License

So, you want to be an agent? Congrats on choosing a stable, respected career!  Becoming one is fairly simple, and the process can be completed in under a month. You just need a set of educational hours and a license under your belt, then you can start practicing on your own as an independent agent, or you could apply to a local agency to join a team.

Whether you seek to work in a company or go solo, what separates the wanna-be’s from the success stories is a license. Insurance is a complicated subject, and the boards that watch over the industry don’t want amateurs selling policies. Therefore, licenses are there for people’s protection.

person with notebook and document studying to get an insurance agent license
Study, study, study. Like any good exam, it’s only there to prepare you for the job. Make sure you know your stuff!

If you want to get a license yourself, we have detailed the steps, so you can get yours quickly and efficiently.  Remember that each state has its own requirements, so you’ll have to take a look at what your specific location’s Insurance Board says. The basic requirement is passing an exam, but each location has different ways to go about it.

For example, in Texas, there is a short process to follow:

  1.  You have to take a course (which can be online) to learn the basics of the industry.
  2.  Afterward, you find a testing facility and take the exam. The test ranges about 100 questions and usually takes about 2 hours to finish.

After passing, you are required to submit fingerprints. Then, you can apply for a license. The entire process is fairly straightforward.

While acquiring a license needs a passing score, one underlying requirement is continuing education. The industry you select could have a wide array of factors that play into selling policies in it. To keep your license, you’ll have to take more courses on top of the first exam.

Licensing, exams, and everything else can seem like a big group of obstacles. However, the upward climb to becoming a full agent, like anything worth doing, takes a bit of time. Just plan to study, get web-savvy, and pour your passion into it. After you check off everything on your list, you’ll be celebrating your new agent license!


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