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How Did Your Marketing Piece Look?

Yes, looks matter when it comes to marketing items such as letters, flyers, mailers and so forth. Was your campaign a memorable one with classy presentation, solid facts, and the personal touch? Or did you send out a piece that looked that all the other items already out there? Or was the piece kind of sketchy because you really did not know what you wanted to do and figured it looked “good enough?”

Campaigns are not just about you, your product, what you are offering or even your pricing, but they are still a part and parcel of an overall successful insurance marketing campaign. A good, solid marketing campaign is made up of bits and pieces that all fit together and make one cohesive visual and pitch. And definitely, “you” are part of the campaign – the voice behind it.

Put another way; market professionally, thoughtfully and consistently, as if you were trying to sell something to yourself. Be critical. Pay attention to your messages, your presentation, and your profile. With an eye to detail, producing a good, memorable marketing campaign is a whole lot easier than trying to cobble one together and hoping it works.

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