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Should You Buy Leads or Work For Someone Who Provides Them?

How you choose to handle insurance leads is strictly a personal choice. While you may follow the suggestions of others when you first get started, chances are that over time you discover that some methods of getting leads do not work for you. That means you can choose what works and fine-tune those methods as you grow your agency.

Mostly the choice of which way to obtain your Medicare supplement leads has two options: 1) buy your leads directly through a reputable lead generation company or 2) join with or work for someone that offers its agents leads. While the second options sounds good, keep in mind that you do not have control over the leads you receive. You can not control for their quality.

On the other hand, if you buy quality leads from a lead generation company you have complete control over what you want. For instance, you can specify demographics, locations, ages, how many leads you want per day or week, right down to choosing exclusive leads versus shared leads. Ultimately, it is your choice.

To determine what strategy works best for your style, test out both options. There is no doubt you will find what works for you and kick-starts your conversions.

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