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Know Thy Social Media to Make Sales

This cannot be emphasized enough. Knowing the platform you choose to work is key. Having extensive knowledge on what it does and does not do, whom it attracts, what subjects are discussed and how other people market on it is important to anyone marketing online. While it may be fun, you are also there to sell insurance, meet new people, talk to others about insurance and educate others online about what you sell and showcase your expertise.

The reason you want to spend time learning the platform you want to use is because each platform has its own protocol and if you do not follow it or walk outside the lines of what it considered to be acceptable, you may be booted off. Spend time researching, reading what others post, how they word things, what pictures they use, do they use short or longer videos or gifs, and what other kinds of information do they share.

This cannot be said enough, study posts made by others to see what makes them popular. Imitate the best practices. But, do not forget to experiment a little with what you publish online. Remember that every business has a unique audience and that audience will prefer different content.

The time you spend learning how to use and interact with your chosen social media platform will yield success to you gaining new leads and making sales. Trial and error and patience is the key to success in selling insurance on social media.

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