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What is the First Thing an Agent needs to Get Into Business, Besides a License to Sell Insurance?

As you set out to establish your own insurance agency, you may be asking, what is the first thing I need. Many people think the answer to this is an office location. While that is true in part, the first thing needed is actually a website.

When creating a website, make sure you have an online presence and signature first. Make sure it is individualized to your brand because you are not just selling insurance. You are also selling yourself, your customer service and most importantly insurance policies. This is known as relationship marketing and no doubt you have been doing it for years and not realizing it. Relationship marketing is about people and how you relate to them and treat them.

Relationship marketing goes hand in hand with website creation and design. Make sure your website has information, resources, stories and pictures on it that customers relate to and can use. It is all about being relevant to those who want and need insurance. To that end, also include an opt-in form to give potential customers something in return for their email address, whether that is a monthly informational newsletter or a monthly snapshot of a client’s story, this is the number one item you need for visible relationship marketing.

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